Windsor chairs are the quintessential piece of Early American furniture. The style is so versatile and ubiquitous that the term “Windsor” has become generic and is synonymous with any chair where in the seat is the foundation of the chair. That is the legs and the top/back are socketed into the seat separate from each whether it is traditional early American or modern and contemporary.

When properly made these chairs are light weight, graceful and comfortable. Yet they are extremely strong and durable. They are delicate and beautiful. They are almost sensual. They are not heavy, lifeless, clunky things turned out by factories whose only concern is the bottom line.

They invite you to caress them. They beckon you to sit in them. The appear as though you could dance around the room with them. They are not immovable, ponderous dead things planted on the floor. They are up on their toes ready to pirouette, boogie woogie or allemande left as soon as the music starts!